Pictured from left: Casperson, City Manager Patrick Jordan, Treasurer Bob Valentine, Mayor Marc Tall, City Councilman Ron Beauchamp and City Assessor Kevin Dubord.

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Tom Casperson welcomed officials from the city of Escanaba to the Michigan Capitol on Thursday as the city makes its case in the Michigan Supreme Court against the so-called “dark store” loophole.

“It is a matter of fundamental fairness that big box stores are treated the same as small, locally owned stores,” said Casperson, R-Escanaba. “It was an honor to welcome Mayor Tall and all the officials from Escanaba to the Capitol and recognize them during Senate session. I applaud them for their efforts in prosecuting this case to end the dark store loophole and ensure fairness for all local property owners, and I am hopeful the Supreme Court will affirm the Michigan Court of Appeals decision that saw the inequity of this practice.” Read More...

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As the corruption trial of New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez got underway in Newark on Wednesday, the Republican National Committee launched a digital ad campaign pressuring his fellow Democrats to call for his resignation if he’s convicted.

Menendez was indicted in 2015 for being bribed with private jets and exclusive trips, but it looks like Stabenow’s cozy relationship with Menendez comes with some perks of its own. Even as recently as six months ago, Senator Menedez’s New Millennium PAC contributed $10K to Stabenow’s reelection campaign. Read More...

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Kim Jong-un with North Korea’s thermonuclear warhead for its Hwasong-14 ICBM. September 3, 2017

In a clear premeditated decision to overwhelm the significance of the ten day massive United States and Republic of Korea (ROK) military exercise, called Ulchi Freedom Guardian, and to demonstrate absolute power to the United States, North Korea detonated a thermonuclear weapon, that is by current estimates at least ten times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, and also showed the weapon device with the casing of a reentry vehicle for their Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). North Korea is a nuclear state that has achieved the power projection of a hydrogen nuclear weapon, with the means to deliver them using ballistic missiles, in the region and in the United States of America. Close to 500 million people in the United States of America, Japan, and the Republic of Korea are in a direct nuclear threat from North Korea in both capability and intent. Secretary of Defense, General (ret.) James Mattis responded on Sunday by stating, “Any threat to the United States or its territories, including Guam, or our allies will be met with a massive military response both effective and overwhelming.” Read More...

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If Sens. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) vote against a bill to reduce immigration, they will be going against the desires of their own voters.

And this is not simply a description of their constituents as a whole but, specifically, voters who have cast ballots for them in the past.

That conclusion comes courtesy of polling in Michigan and Ohio, conducted earlier this year by NumbersUSA, an organization that favors lower levels of immigration. The group this week will launch a long-term campaign to pressure Stabenow and Brown, along with other Democratic senators up for re-election next year, in states President Donald Trump carried in 2016. Read More...

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Al Sharpton just may be right about the need to remove offensive statues from the American public way.

I’d been somewhat torn on the idea of erasing history by tearing down statues, even Civil War Confederate statues, since even Civil War Confederate statues, since destroying public imagery and iconography isn’t the kind of thing Americans do.

“When you look at the fact that public monuments are supported by public funds, you are asking me to subsidize the insult of my family,” Sharpton said. “And I would repeat that the public should not be paying to uphold somebody who had that kind of background. … We’re talking about, here, an open display of bigotry announced, and over and over again.” Read More...

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Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal is no stranger to controversy. She has been known to make rather provocative statements and Tweets. In January of 2015 she tweeted, “LET ME BE CLEAR: When you exercise your #WhitePrivilege, don’t think I’m not going to remember. I will use it for the future. Uncomfortable” She may have gone a bridge too far this time.

In a Facebook comment (since deleted), Chappelle-Nadal responded to poster Christopher Gagné, who mentioned his cousin’s serving on the President’s Secret Service detail for two more years, and speculated that Trump may not last that long. Gagné said that wasn’t a reference to an assassination, but to his earlier-stated belief that Vice President Mike Pence will use the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to have Trump removed from office. Chappelle-Nadal responded: “No. I will. I hope Trump is assassinated!” Since then, the St. Louis Field Office for the Secret Service has confirmed the incident is being investigated. Chappelle-Nadal has since walked the comment back, explaining that she didn’t mean it and was just frustrated. Read More...

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