150311100459-01-hillary-clinton-email-0311-restricted-super-169The fact that Hillary Clinton exclusively used a private server in her home, rather than a secure government server, to send emails during her four years as secretary of state has raised many questions. She now says that it was a mistake but also emphasizes that she broke no law. News reports typically describe her offense as not following “policy.”

Whether or not Mrs. Clinton violated a State Department rule, her admitted destruction of more than 30,000 emails sure looks like obstruction of justice—a serious violation of the criminal law. Let’s consider some of the basic, undisputed facts, and then the law. Read More...

BN-HG062_edp030_M_20150304174908Put aside the policy implications of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ’s powerful speech to Congress on Tuesday, and the dire consequences if President Obama bungles his dealings with Iran.

Instead, consider how badly the Obama administration has handled things during the six weeks since Jan. 21, when House Speaker John Boehner invited Mr. Netanyahu to address Congress. Mr. Obama and his team pride themselves on their communications prowess, but they’ve made a hash of the situation. Read More...


LANSING—The Michigan Senate passed legislation Tuesday that would outlaw the use of certain unmanned aerial or submersible vehicles to harass or stalk hunters or anglers and ensure that such vehicles can’t be used to take game.

Senate Bills 54 and 55, sponsored by Sens. Tom Casperson and Phil Pavlov, were introduced following news articles quoting anti-hunting groups encouraging the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)—sometimes called “drones”—to stalk or spy on hunters. In working on the legislation, sportsmen also asked that the bills prohibit the use of UAVs while hunting to comply with what some call “fair chase” policies. Read More...

Lon_Johnson06Rookie Democratic Party Chairman Lon Johnson somehow re-captured the crown over the weekend at the state convention in

Detroit even as the grumbling among the party faithful that spilled out on election night in November continued right into the Dems’ biennial confab.

Johnson was the unanimous choice of the convention delegates only because no one stepped up to run against the first-term chair.

Last fall, the Democrats lost the elections for governor, attorney general and secretary of state. They failed to chip away at the GOP edge on the state Supreme Court. And the races for the state Legislature were Dem disasters. Read More...


The Delta County Republican Party (DCRP) went on the record recently showing unanimous support for job growth in this state and nationally, and furthermore urged the Democrats to get on board with the Rexton Project and other job producing projects.  Last summer at the Governor’s Luncheon held at the U.P. State Fair, Governor Snyder stated he encourages development of more mining, manufacturing, and knowledge (creating ideas) industries in the region. “World class products are made in the U.P. You need to be louder and prouder about what you’re doing. We are globally competitive right here in the Upper Peninsula,” he said. “You’re on the forefront. You’re not lagging – you’re leading,” Snyder added. Read More...

The biggest conundrum that faces America today, is the fact we don’t have two years to endure this group of amateurs who continue to dismiss the enemy choosing to fight climate change instead.  As the leader of the free world, how many more must die Mr. President before we get serious on destroying ISIS?


“I offer my sincere condolences to the family of young American Kayla Mueller who it is now confirmed has been killed while held hostage by ISIS. Sadly I have only one question of President Obama, John Kerry, Susan Rice, Valere Jarrett and the progressive socialist ilk – what will it take? America, we don’t have two years to endure this group of amateurs who continue to dismiss the enemy choosing to fight climate change instead. The time for Chamberlains has ended, no more talk about random acts of violence or insidious moral equivalency proclamations. The group President Obama defined as a JV team a year ago has grown from 3,000 to almost 50,000 and there is no end in sight to their savage brutality. In the past few days we’ve how a leader responds to ISIS and their barbarism – King Abdullah of Jordan. How will our community organizer respond? Perhaps another lecture about the Crusades or another empty rhetorical statement, followed by a round of golf? Kayla was killed by Islamic terrorists, who need to be killed.” ~ Allen West Read More...

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