1black_piles-1The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press both ran articles over the weekend detailing Gary Peters’ hypocrisy for investing in petcoke at the same time he is publicly attacking petcoke as a dangerous pollutant. This is consistent with Gary Peters’ hypocrisy on immigration, Wall Street, equal pay for women, and numerous other issues. But the fact that the two largest papers in the state prominently covered his hypocrisy is an important moment in this campaign.

Detroit Free Press: “Considering the emphasis Peters has put on the piles that once abutted the Detroit River, raising questions about his shares of Total S.A. is inbounds.” Read More...

American voters disagree with President Obama that the economy is in better shape today than in 2008. Most are unhappy with ObamaCare. And optimismimages about the future of the country is down. With only 54 days until Election Day, these sentiments are pretty well baked into the cake — boosting Republican candidates in a new Fox News poll.

The poll, released Thursday, also shows that nearly as many people say their household income has gone down as say it has gone up during Obama’s presidency (36 percent gone down vs. 42 percent gone up). Read More...

113th_United_States_Senate_Structure.svgWith every passing day and with every new poll we gain greater clarity about what could happen in the crucial November elections. All the recent news has been positive for Republicans. Actually, it may be fairer to say that it’s been negative for Democrats. But regardless of which side of that argument you take the bottom line remains the same: The GOP has a tremendous opportunity to make substantial gains if they’re supporters have the will to see it through.

Take a look at some of the more recent data points: Read More...

bilde (2)Memo to Congressman Gary Peters: The women of Michigan are not stupid. Stop treating them that way.

The liberal congressman is in a close Senate contest with Republican Terri Lynn Land; so close Peters has already dug into the left’s bag of used up tricks and accused Land of waging a “war on women.”

Land’s offense? She refuses to buy into the fiction that women are single-issue voters who pull the Democratic lever out of fear.

Someone should let Peters know it’s not 2012 anymore. During that election cycle Republicans refused to confront “war on women” rhetoric head on and paid the price for it on Election Day. Read More...

bildeLansing— Former Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saul Anuzis is going after Democrat Mark Schauer for a handful of campaign expenses paid for by public funds — in the absence of direct attacks from Gov. Rick Snyder.

Anuzis met Monday with reporters across the state to highlight what he believes are examples of campaign spending “abuses” by Schauer’s campaign.

■A charter jet flight for Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley to attend a fundraiser for Schauer in Washtenaw County in July.

■$2,400 for a three-night, two-room hotel stay on Nantucket Island in late June for Schauer and an aide to attend the Democratic Governors Association meeting. Read More...

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