bildeLansing— Former Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saul Anuzis is going after Democrat Mark Schauer for a handful of campaign expenses paid for by public funds — in the absence of direct attacks from Gov. Rick Snyder.

Anuzis met Monday with reporters across the state to highlight what he believes are examples of campaign spending “abuses” by Schauer’s campaign.

■A charter jet flight for Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley to attend a fundraiser for Schauer in Washtenaw County in July.

■$2,400 for a three-night, two-room hotel stay on Nantucket Island in late June for Schauer and an aide to attend the Democratic Governors Association meeting. Read More...

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BN-EJ575_ep0904_D_20140903193226The post-Labor Day election campaign is underway, and the early conventional wisdom is that Republican hopes of a 2010-style wave are fading. GOP gains in the House could only be a few seats and the six pickups to take the Senate are still uncertain. This is coming from the usual liberal suspects, but it is also whispered by GOP strategists. Maybe Republicans should try to improve their odds by telling voters what they would do if they win.

By any typical political measure, this ought to be a great Republican year. President Obama is widely unpopular, the Senate playing field is largely in conservative states, the tide of war is rising around the world, and gains in stocks and other asset prices haven’t translated into higher wages for most Americans. Many Republicans look at this and think they can win merely by running to be a check on Mr. Obama. Read More...

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SchauerFor the second time this year, the Mark Schauer/Lisa Brown campaign is caught in a PR firestorm from a complaint alleging the campaign of breaking Michigan campaign finance law by making illegal contributions to Lisa Brown.

According to the complaint, Schauer illegally contributed candidate-to-candidate contributions to Lisa Brown before she was his official lieutenant governor nominee.

In a bold attempt to help his hand-picked running mate, Schauer skirted Michigan’s law by supporting Brown’s candidacy through campaign paraphernalia (e.g. yard signs and other campaign ads). Read More...

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September 2, 2014 Wow. That was some summer. The Islamic State that President Obama dismissed as “JV” proved to be a virulent varsity—gobbling up gobs of the Middle East, beheading an American journalist, and threatening the United States. Russia invaded Ukraine. Ferguson burned. Obama shrugged.

“The truth of the matter is that the world has always been messy,” the president told Democratic donors between meetings of his national security team and rounds of golf. “In part, we’re just noticing now because of social media and our capacity to see in intimate detail the hardships that people are going through.” Read More...

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Congressman Gary Peters will say absolutely anything to get elected, including investing tens of thousands of dollars in petcoke and then saying he is against it in order to get millions of dollars in dark money contributions from the radical California billionaire, Tom Steyer. Whether it’s supporting cap-and-trade which could kill over 100,000 Michigan jobs and cause gas and utility prices to skyrocket or opposing the Keystone XL which would create jobs in Michigan, Gary Peters is on the wrong side of every issue — unless it pads his pocket. Read More...

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10584002_426402630832605_998070044890681091_nLANSING, MI – An expansive survey of economic activity across the U.S. offers an endorsement of the strength of the Michigan recovery and a boost for the promising prospects for the state’s continual business growth.

Results of the Business Facilities annual report rank Michigan among the top states in employment recovery since the end of the Great Recession, automotive jobs and automotive manufacturing strength. Further, the report lists Detroit and Grand Rapids as among the top regions in the country for economic growth. Read More...

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