Attorney General Bill SCHUETTE is up 42 to 14 percent on Lt. Gov. Brian CALLEY in a survey of 344 likely Republican primary voters, according to a survey MIRS helped commission with Target Insyght. Sen. Patrick COLBECK was at 4 percent and Dr. Jim HINES at 1 percent.

Among those asked, 6 percent gave another response and 32 percent were undecided. The margin of error is +/- 5.35 percent. Based on the crosstabs, Calley was doing better than Schuette in the Traverse City media market and among independents.

Interestingly, Calley and his volunteers spent some time canvassing Traverse City during the initial roll out of the Clean Michigan Government ballot proposal.

In Metro Detroit, Schuette is up 32 to 12 percent. There’s no gender gap between the two presumed Republican gubernatorial frontrunners for 2018 nor much difference in support among the varying age groups.

Neither Calley nor Schuette has formerly announced a gubernatorial bid, but both are expected to get into the race.

“So many people are supportive of Bill and encouraging him to serve,” said Schuette spokesperson John SELLEK. “Folks tell Bill that Michigan families cannot afford to keep settling for less than the best, and Bill absolutely agrees with them. Michigan is hungry to be first again.”

MIRS and Target Insight also asked 800 likely primary voters what their number one priority is for statewide candidates. They listed taxes and government spending (21 percent) as number one, followed by heath care (19 percent), education (14 percent), economy and jobs (12 percent) and infrastructure (12 percent).

A combined four percent said opioid abuse, crime and protecting seniors. The final 18 percent were undecided or they didn’t know.

Maybe more interesting in these numbers is the political party break down. Among Republicans, 30 percent said taxes and spending were their top issue and 17 percent said the economy and jobs. Among Democrats, a 27 percent plurality said health care and 23 percent said education.

Independents said taxes and spending (22 percent), health care (21 percent) and education (12 percent) were their top issue.

The poll’s margin of error is +/- 3.5 percent. The survey was taken July 25-27.

Asked how President Donald TRUMP is doing as president, Michiganders remain split. Thirty percent said excellent, 19 percent said pretty good for a combined job rating of 49 percent. Only 7 percent said he was doing a fair job and 43 said “poor” for an overall rating of 50 percent.

Broken down by political party, 58 percent of Republicans think Trump has done an “excellent” job as president while 74 percent of Democrats think he’s done a “poor” job. Among independents, it’s 38 to 58 percent negative.

Trumps worst numbers came out of southwest Michigan (36 to 63 percent). He’s doing the best in the university region, 58 to 36 percent.

Source:  MIRS

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