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electoral_college_father_and_daughter_60314-jpg-0fbccDETROIT — Growing up black and Republican outside the heavily Democratic city of Flint, Michigan, Kelly Mitchell learned from her parents the importance of sticking to her beliefs and working hard to achieve goals.

On Monday, she’ll mark a personal and professional milestone: Casting her vote as a member of Michigan’s Electoral College along with her father and fellow elector, Henry Hatter.

“I really wanted this for me and my dad,” said Mitchell, a sales account manager from Grand Rapids, state party official and member of President-elect Donald Trump’s energy-focused transition team. “My dad is probably my biggest cheerleader. I was raised … by two loving parents and have been an activist in Michigan politics for over 30 years.” Read More...

Beau LaFave is running for State Representative in the 108th District in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The 108th District covers Delta, Dickinson, and Menominee counties. The current 108th Representative is Ed McBroom. Representative McBroom is ineligible to run for reelection due to Michigan Term Limits.


Beau has recieved the endorsement of our current State Representative Ed McBroom, who has served our district with dignity and respect, and we are very grateful for Ed’s guidance and support in this very important election. Read More...

hillary-fbi-2Judge Napolitano in the article below explains the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton. There are two aspects of the investigation. The original source of her trouble is the charge that she failed to safeguard national security secrets.

As Judge Napolitano explains, this crime does not require intent and can result from negligence or simply from a lack of awareness that a secret is being revealed, as in the case that Judge Napolitano provides of the US Navy sailor who was prosecuted for espionage because a “selfie” he sent to his girlfriend revealed a sonar screen in the background. An even more egregious case is that of the US Marine who was prosecuted for using email to alert superiors to the presence of an al-Quada operative inside a US military compound. The email is considered unsecure and thus the Marine was prosecuted for revealing a secret known only to himself. Read More...

imagesTwenty-two years ago, my esteemed colleague Dan Henninger wrote a blockbuster Journal editorial titled “No Guardrails.” Its subject was people “who don’t think that rules of personal or civil conduct apply to them,” as well as the elites who excuse this lack of self-control and the birth of a less-civilized culture.

We are today witnessing the political version of this phenomenon. That’s how to make sense of a presidential race that grows more disconnected from normality by the day. Read More...


On Friday, Politico reported that Carson had “fabricated” his application and acceptance into West Point, and that his campaign had acknowledged as much in an interview.

That story was initially headlined “EXCLUSIVE: Ben Carson admits fabricating West Point scholarship.” It seemed like the sort of story that had the potential to ruin Carson’s ambitions for the presidency.

But the Politico story was not accurate on some key points.

And in the wake of pushback from the Carson campaign — which called the story an “outright lie” — Politico softened its headline, removed the “fabrication” language, and changed some key details — even as it said it was “standing by its story.” Read More...

BOSTON, MA - NOVEMBER 6: On the last campaign flight in route to Boston, Republican nominee for President Governor Mitt Romney talks to media about how he feels on election day, in Boston, Massachusetts, Tuesday, November 6, 2012. (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Republican nominee for President Governor Mitt Romney talks to media about how he feels on election day, in Boston, Massachusetts, Tuesday, November 6, 2012. (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

There are reports from political insiders that Mitt Romney is considering a 2016 run for the Presidency.

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone recently sent out a tweet, regarding the rumor, stating, “With the weak performance of @JebBush my sources tell me @MittRomney is reconsidering getting in.”

Stone appeared on CNN to discuss his theory that Romney could enter the race.

“I have a very good Rolodex when it comes to the Republican Party, confirmed by a New York Times reporter who, by the way, told me this morning that she hears the same thing,” Stone told CNN’s Michael Smerconish. Read More...

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