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The Republicans are awash in governors and former governors (and senators) eyeing the White House. One governor who
seems to be bucking that trend is Michigan’s Rick Snyder. But he offers a perspective on what ails the national political culture that the others could benefit from hearing.

Snyder, a former business executive, has been described as an unorthodox politician who plays the game differently than many of his contemporaries. He governs conservatively but says he tries not to make ideology his principal calling card. Read More...


The Delta County Republican Party (DCRP) went on the record recently showing unanimous support for job growth in this state and nationally, and furthermore urged the Democrats to get on board with the Rexton Project and other job producing projects.  Last summer at the Governor’s Luncheon held at the U.P. State Fair, Governor Snyder stated he encourages development of more mining, manufacturing, and knowledge (creating ideas) industries in the region. “World class products are made in the U.P. You need to be louder and prouder about what you’re doing. We are globally competitive right here in the Upper Peninsula,” he said. “You’re on the forefront. You’re not lagging – you’re leading,” Snyder added. Read More...

bilde (1)A Republican governor hunting for votes in Detroit might as well wear a blindfold. The city is so loyally Democratic that 60 percent of voters just walk into the booth, yank the donkey’s tail and walk out.

But there was Rick Snyder Thursday, on Jefferson Ave., opening a campaign office in a city that gave him less than 6 percent of its ballots in 2010. Why bother?

“Because they’re citizens of Michigan,” the governor says. “I campaigned in Detroit in the Republican primary in 2009, even though a lot of people told me I was crazy.” Read More...

CaptureNOVI) — Lt. Gov. Brian CALLEY on Saturday survived an aggressive challenge from the political right by crushing Tea Party organizer Wes NAKAGIRI at the Michigan Republican Party (MRP) convention by nearly two to one, 1,345 to 716, according to the last number provided by MIRS.

Prior to today’s vote, Calley supporters told MIRS they saw anything better than 55 to 60 percent of the delegates’ vote as being a ringing success. The last numbers to be released shows Calley receiving 65 percent of the vote. Read More...

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