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– President-elect Donald Trump has won Michigan’s 16 electoral votes.

The Board of State Canvassers certified Trump’s 10,704-vote victory on Monday, nearly three weeks after the election. The two-tenths of a percentage point margin out of nearly 4.8 million votes is the closest presidential race in Michigan in more than 75 years.

Trump’s win in Michigan gives the Republican 306 electoral votes to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 232.

Trump is the first Republican presidential nominee to win Michigan since 1988. Read More...

trump-and-clinton-campaign-in-metro-detroit--march-4-2016-d91d7470e884c7a8Three of Michigan’s congressional races top the list of districts nationwide most threatened by the top-of-the ticket.

According to a memo obtained by MIRS, written by Republican micro-targeting firm Deep Root Analytics, MI-1, MI-7 and MI-11 are among the Top 10 House seats with a high proportion of “reluctant Republican” voters.

The research firm — whose expertise is using data to determine more efficient ad buys — defines “reluctant Republican” as “down-ballot Republicans who have concerns about the top of their party’s ticket in 2016,” resulting in a “likely ticket-splitter.” Read More...

36FAD41C00000578-3728196-image-a-11_1470597345336Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called Hillary Clinton’s ‘short-circuited’ excuse ‘genius,’ but also hinted that it could be her downfall.

Gingrich, a Trump advocate, appeared alongside Clinton supporter Democratic Rep. Xavier Becerra, to debate this week’s political news on ‘Fox News Sunday’ with Chris Wallace.

‘It’s one thing to lie. It’s one thing to lie about lying and then Friday, she gave us the perfect explanation –  Her brain apparently had short circuited while she was talking to you,’ he said of Wallace, who had interviewed Clinton the week before. Read More...


President Obama and some 150 other heads of state are poised to adopt policies that will slow economic growth, spread poverty, and stymie human progress, all in slavish service to an utterly bogus “problem” of their own imagination.
A few years ago they quietly retired the global warming rhetoric and, instead, began shouting about “climate change.” Why the jumped-up new slogan?
“Global warming” stopped happening, and complaining about it increasingly made them look deranged.
As this graph clearly indicates, scientific observations from weather satellites have reported zero warming in global mean temperatures since February 1997, when readings from recent decades peaked.
Simply put, despite the warmists’ high-decibel bluster, there has been no global warming for 18 years and nine months. The data come from satellites that orbit Earth.
The global warmists are the true deniers of science. They ignore actual data from satellites and embrace the alchemy of computer models supervised by the United Nations’s International Panel on Climate Change.
The IPCC’s PCs spew predictions of a planet asphyxiated beneath a duvet of “carbon pollution” — Obama’s mendacious new epithet for carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas that humans exhale and plants inhale, before the latter produces life-sustaining oxygen.
If these vaunted models truly can foreshadow the supposedly apocalyptic conditions on Earth in, say, 2050 or 2100, surely they have traced correctly this planet’s temperatures from their inception until today.
Not even close. Between January 1990 and September 2015, these models have predicted 0.45° Celsius (0.81° degrees Fahrenheit) more warming than satellites actually have detected. If these sacred computer models blew it this badly over the last 25 years, why should anyone believe any of their prophecies about the next 35 to 85 years?
These facts refute the utter mythology that fuels this week’s festivities in Paris.

WalkerNHHe’d been speaking for a little more than ten minutes, telling stories about his battles in Wisconsin to a crowd of Republicans nodding their heads in enthusiastic agreement. Then, in the middle of an extended passage on the United States’ role in the world, Walker invoked “what makes us arguably the greatest nation in history.”

Arguably? At a Republican gathering in the Obama era?

He didn’t pause and no one seemed to notice. After more than two-dozen speeches here over a long weekend that served as the unofficial start of the New Hampshire primary process, the audience probably assumed that Walker had given the nod to American greatness without any qualifier, as had virtually every other speaker. Read More...

download“Her grandparents always spoke about the immigrant experience and, as a result she has always thought of them as immigrants,” a spokesperson says. “As has been correctly pointed out, while her grandfather was an immigrant, it appears that Hillary’s grandmother was born shortly after her parents and siblings arrived in the U.S. in the early 1880s.”

Speaking in Iowa Wednesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that all her grandparents had immigrated to the United States, a story that conflicts with public census and other records related to her maternal and paternal grandparents. Read More...

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